​​We are SO grateful to our many generous donors!

Easling Pool Community Campaign Donors as of 7/13/18


N. Paul and Jane Easling Family

Rotary Charities of Traverse City

Tom's Food Markets


Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians

Grand Traverse County

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Hanley

Jim and Diana Huckle Family Foundation

William and Susanne Janis Family

Mahogany Foundation, Meridith and Dan Falconer

Richard Stephenson


11 a.m. Water Exercise Class

2018 North Coast Masters Swimming

The Les and Anne Biederman Foundation

Casey Cowall

Daniel and Debra Edson

Michael and Rhonda Estes and Family

Robert T. Hughes Endowment

The Oleson Foundation

Dr. William C. Scharf

The Art and Mary Schmuckal Family Foundation

Mary Van Valin


9 a.m. Water Exercise Class

Camille and Rick Abbott

Allen Supply

Anonymous (4)

Jason and Suzanne Allen

Jackie Anderson

Kirsten Ardery

Tom and Barbara Auer

Jerry and Kris Auger 

Jeanne and Mike Ascione

Patricia and George Bearup

Carl Benner

Jim and Marie Bode

Dan Bonifacio and Jennifer Schell

BRD Construction

Jeff Brunner and Family

Jeff Busch

Ronald Chao, DDS

Ronald Christie / C&M Insurance Services

Clark Manufacturing Co.

Dr. Kevin Clayton

Community Foundation Anderson Family Endowment, a commitment to Traverse City and the Easling Pool Community Campaign

The Concrete Service

Tom and Jeanne Crosby

D&W Mechanical

Ray and Julie Dean

Karl and Cynthia DeFoe

Connie Deneweth

Michael Dively

Steven Dornbos

Easling Construction Employees

Roger and Jeanette Easling

Elks Traverse City Lodge 323

John Faichney, MD

Dennis and Barb Fedorinchik

Craig and Amber Fountain

Friend of Easling Pool

Grand Traverse Women’s Clinic

Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center

Hagerty Cares

Terri Hanson

Mark Heid

Brad and Tara Hochstetler

Marie and Jay Hooper

William and Jean Howard

Christopher Jeffries

Jerrold and Julie Jenkins

Jesse, Charlotte, Daniel, Laney and pets

Tim and Karen Keller

Kevin Kelly

Dr. Charlie and Suzy Kerndt

Don and Jan Kiessel

Charles Klettner, MD

Martin G. Lagina

LaSusa Law Offices, PLC

Al and Dana Laursen

Dan and Kara Madion Family

Matthew and Jody Madion

Bill Marsh Automotive Group

Max’s Service

Dr. James McClellan

T. Grace Macdonald

Mike and Paula McIntyre

Patrick and Beth McIntyre

Margie McKee and Family

Ann Merritt

Michin’ Accomplished / Courtney Greening

Sally Miller

Angie and Matt Morgan

Munson Medical Center Gifting Committee

Kenneth and Patricia Musson

Greta Myers

Northern Michigan Glass

Northern Michigan Pediatric Dentistry

Kean and Dawn Oh

Pella Windows & Doors by Horne

Precision Plumbing and Heating Systems, Inc.

Dr. Paula Prevost

Derk and Shannon Pronger

Randy’s Diner

Drs. Amy and Bill Ranger

Polly Rea

Ringl and Associates - Dave and Jennifer Ringl

Eric and Debbie Ritchie

Roger and Allene Rousse

Ross and Kerry Satterwhite

Thomas and Lisa Schermerhorn

Paul Schmuckal

Lynn Schultz

Scott Schulz Orthodontics

James C. Smith

Peter and Kris Sneed

Socks Construction

The Starr Family

Nancy, Chris, and Holly Steele

Wayne and Joni Sterenberg

Stromberg Carlson

Bill and Peggy Stych

Frank and Evelyn Tenbusch

Dr. Steve and Lori Thomas

George and Sally Thompson

Dan and Bridget Thuente

Unitarian Universalist Congegation of Grand Traverse

Up North Media

Russell Van Houzen, MD

Douglas Verellen

Price and Jane Watts

Weggener Electric LLC

Dr. Charles and Ann Weitz

Doug and Diane Welker

Tim Werner and Petra von Kulajta

Joe and Michelle Will

Dr. Judith Yates

Jean D. Zerges

In honor of Michael John Wildner II

In memory of Larry Stephenson Jr.

In loving memory of Paul and Jane Easling

In loving memory of Palma Richardson

In memory of Betty Ennis


2017 Triton Swim & Dive Team

Anonymous (12)

Peter and Bernadette Albers

Eva Arnold

Kay Asiala

Erica Austin, D.O.

Scott and Carla Barcey

Kimberly Bazemore

Dr. Lance Beers

Charles Bernardini

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Cheryl Bouman

Doug and Sara Boys

Judith Briggs

Jean Brittain

Ingrid Brophy

Irene Brown

Nancy Bryant

Wesley A. Busse

Kathy Calcutt

Bill and Sandy Cartwright

Fred Cepela

Steve Chambers

Cherry Capital Cab LLC

Tom and Mary Clark

Tim and Mary Clulo

Doug and Sue Coffin

Paula Colombo

Sharon Cope

Alan Couture

The Couture Family

Matt Cowall and Caryn Chachulski

Karen Crane

Deborah Crowe and Todd Wilson

Curtis Cummins

Deering Tree Service

Deerhaven Family Dentistry

Dr. Elizabeth Del Buono

Barb DiLisio and Bobby King

Mary Dolan

Sally Eichberger

Lori Erhart

Kristine Erickson

Gail Evans

Sabina Favour

Julia Flowers

Dawn Francis

Pat and Patti Friedli

Sue and Jim Frye

Mary Ann Fudge

James and Lauri Gartner

Robert Garvey

Douglas and Shirley Gembis

Juliette and Brad Goodwin

Grand Traverse Area Regional Community Foundation

Grand Traverse Area Regional Community Foundation Rotary Endowment

Marlene and Chris Griffin

James and Mary Jo Grogan

Mary M. Grover

Dr. Mark Gulow

Judith and David Halsted

Enid and Brian Hagerty

Ron and Tania Harris

Judy and Brad Harrison

Paula Hartmann

Linda Hebert

Mary Heidbreder

Margo Hellem

Heather Hess

Ruth Hoppe and Yasmin Richmond

Lee and Donna Hornberger

Mike and Susan Hornby

Michele Howard

Paul and Patti Hresko

Eva Huffman

Mike and Pam Huskins

Independent Wealth Management

The Ivers/Moore Family

Tracey and Greg Jenkins

Scott and Karen Johnson

Scott and Leslie Jozwiak

Erin and Garrett Judd

Rodney Kivell

Barbara Knuth

Susan Krause

The Laird Family

Dennis and JoAnn Lauterbach

Barbara and Herb Lemcool

Mark and Juliana Leslie

Don and Jean Livingston

Mary Lizenby

Ellie Long

Mary Loucks

Mark Lundmark

Linda Lyon

Peter Magoun

Kristin and Peter Marinoff

Fran Merrell

Whitney Miller

Anne Montgomery

Cathy Montgomery

Ann Munch

Joel and Mary Beth Myler

Rosalind Nadeau

Tim Nelson and Nancy Johnson

Pat and Jennie Nestor

The Nickel Family

Lori Niemer

Northern Building Supply

Linda Norton

Bob and Ann Ogur

Jerry and Rita Palmer

Sarah Parker

Kate and Ryan Paulson

Holly Payne

Perry and Heidi Pentiuk

Colette Petras

Carrine and Mark Pomaranski

John and Amy Pflughoeft

Piche Family

Tom and Monty Plough

Karen and Gary Provins

John and Millie Putz

The Reidys

Alice Rhyner

Palma Richardson

Rachel and John Roe

Roth Marine Services

Linda Ruby

Tracy A. Ruegsegger DDS

Kay Rumbach

Keri Sabatini

Claire Scerback

Mary Ann Schleicher

Jerry Seidner

Diane Shaffer

Mary Shultz

Rose Sickle

Lisa Sitkins

Richard and Carolyn Skendzel

​Coach Kelly Smith

Jon and Sue Snow

Marie Socha

Mark Sommerman

Source Julien Inc.

Donna Sowers and Lou Wostowicz

Carol Spencer

Chuck and Jackie Stein

Stephan Wood Products

Dan and Jenifer Stiebel

Beryl Striewski

Mark and Carol Studinger

James and Patricia Swanson

Maureen Szwalek

Linda and Arnold Taddia

Jim and Debbie Tenbusch

Ashley Thompson and Jonathon Fazzola

Marty Tomb

Richard and Peggy Townsend

Traverse City State Bank

The Treadway Family

H. Triezenberg and E. Mostrom

Harriet Wall

Christine Walter

Jan Warren

Camille Weatherholt and Jeff Leonhardt

Kennard Weaver

Kevin Weber and Nancy Gallagher

Erith Welch

Jeff and Jennie Wentzloff

​Agnes K. Westerberg

Theodore Weymouth

Pat and Jean Wicksall

Susan Wilkie

Mary Woodworth

Kari Young

Peggy and John Zachman

Linda Zeratsky

Jean Zerges

Michelle Zhang

In Memory of C. Anne Coulter

In Memory of Gail Strong (8)


Anonymous (9)

Duane and Vicki Amato

Lorraine Asiala

The Augusta / Waara Family

Todd and Sheryl Beeman

Becca and Rob Binder

Colin Bohash

Samantha and Todd Bonter

Lisa Bowerman

Tim Brick

Catherine Buchan

Marilyn Bura

Dawn Campbell

Cynthia Carr

Elaine Case

John and Ellie Casteel

Cheryl Cerk

Ann Collins

JoAnn Corcoran

Sheryl Coumans

Ann Craven

Eloise Crockett

Gail Curry

John and Cindy Duby

Jenny Dykstra

Jeremy Evans and Rob Stowe and Family

Shirley Forton

Joel Gaff

Marge Gatzke

Edith Gibbs

Kay Gloden

David Grams

Geraldine Greene

Carolyn Hahne

Molly Harder

Cathryn Harold

Rodetta Harrand 

Marc Heyden

Janet Hibbard

Beth and Chris Hines

Cindy Hitesman

Georgia Holman

Karen Holstad

Deanna Hotchner

Diane Huff

Evelyn Johnson

Leann Johnson

Marilyn Kamp

Alan Kostrzewa

Sandra Landon

Sam LaSusa

Robert and Lucy Lepisto

Dewayne Litwiller Jr.

Lynne Luciani

Stephie Luyt

James MacMillan

​John and Angie Macnowski

Glen and Tracie MacPherson

Marco Marcantoni

Andrew Marek

Mary Mazure

Dr. and Mrs. McCool

Pam McCormick

Margaret McKee

Julie Medlin

Tom Menzel

Jeffrey Miles

Jason Miller

Ann Munch

Mary Jo Murphy

Cari Noga

Lorraine Nyberg

Karen O’Connell

Eric and Marita Okerstrom

Sandra Osgood

Chris Palmer

Jen Peterson

Kathryn Phillips

Bob and Diane Portenga

Megan Raphael

John Rouzer

Nancy Savoie

Mary Schade

Howard and Mary Anne Schelde

David and Debra Schweitzer

John and Kathy Sheard

Michael and Alice Shirley

Jeff and Missy Smith

Jonathon Snow

Nora Socks

Fern and Doug Spence Jr.

David and Karen Spencer

Max and Dixie Stirling

Marcia Sumerix

Janina Timmer

Michael and Kristin Trubac

Melinda Vanderford

Catherine Veeser

Jill and Tim Volbrecht

Barbara Winckler

Dick and Kathy Woods

Mary Wreford

Steve and Cheri Youmans

Kenneth and Mary Zacks

Shirley Zerafa