Opened in 1970 in memory of community leader 
Paul Easling, the pool was built with donor funds 
and contributed labor and materials from his colleagues in the construction industry.  This campaign is co-chaired by his son Marty Easling 
and community leader Susie Janis.


  • Swim Lessons
  • Water Exercise Classes 
  • Lap Swim
  • Open/Family Swim 
  • U.S. Masters Swimming 
  • TCAPS / SF High School Swim Team
  • Breakers Swim Teams
  • Kayaking/Paddling Instruction
  • TBAISD Special Education Students
  • Elk Rapids Public Schools
  • ​Michigan State Police
  • Triathlon Training 
  • Special Olympics
  • U.S. Air Force Special Forces
  • ​U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers  


"I am 82 years old and have swum a half mile at Easling Pool since 1998, three times a week.  I love it, and when I’m  finished feel so relaxed.  My cardiologist also couldn’t be happier!" - Karl DeFoe

"After swimming and doing the water aerobic classes at Easling Pool for over fifteen years, I know this is a wonderful asset for the community.  I am 72, with two knee replacements.  The ability to exercise everyday has made my active life possible." - Carol Spencer

"Growing up in Traverse City, I learned to swim at Easling Pool.  Now that I have children of my own, I have relied on swim lessons at Easling Pool to ensure that my two daughters know how to swim and be safe around water, as well!" - Sarah (Abbott) Parker

"I’ve been swimming at Easling Pool 2-3 times a week since 1972.  (Yes, that’s 45 years!)  The pool plays a huge part in my ability to stay fit and healthy and out of doctors’ offices." - Chuck Ebinger

"I have met wonderful women who have loved and supported me in my journey in life. They have empowered me to travel alone, given me counsel when I needed answers, but most of all I have exercised my body and mind in these classes. Being able to exercise in the pool has enabled me to stay active and engaged." - Colette Petras

"This pool is a vital resource for all people in our community, including a large population of runners, triathletes, and other endurance athletes."
-Patrick McIntyre